Location:     Beckwithshaw Village Hall – commencing in the Copse


Present:         Councillors – Cllr D Spence (Chairman), Cllr A Ellis, Cllr J Parish, Cllr Mrs S Swires,

Cllr N Hull and Cllr V Oldham .


Parish Clerk – Mrs J H Galloway.


                    3 Members of the public were present.  



          Following the review of the copse the meeting commenced at 7.45pm.



1          Apologies       Cllr M David.



2        Declarations of Interest             None.



3        Exempt Information                   None.



4        Minutes of the meetings held on 10 May 2022  


Approval of the Minutes of the Annual Council Meeting was proposed by Cllr Parish, seconded by Cllr Ellis and signed by the Chairman.


Approval of the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting was proposed by Cllr Ellis, seconded by Cllr J Parish and signed by the Chairman.


5        Urgent Business            Mr R Fearnley and Mr D McCormack explained their reasons for

the Snell House Farm application. The application has been

amended to exclude the Barn/Garage. Future applications will be

made for a second entrance and Barn/Garage.


Hedges – After being reported twice on the Parish Portal, NYCC have been contacted with a promise of a call back. No response yet. Photographs to be sent to Cllr Hull by Cllr Parish.


Boundary Fence – A letter to be sent back to NYCC saying that the Parish Council is not happy with their response. Mr I Galloway to assist draft the letter, to include history of the Gift of the Copse.


Cllr Ellis to attend the Knabs Ridge Trust meeting.

6        Finances       The bank balances at 10 May 2022 were reported to the Parish Council:


                    Business Current Account                                                              £3,117.61

                    Business Money Manager (Deposit Account)                                  £5,436.45



                    Approval of Clerks Salary                       £543.15

                    Approval of Clerks Tax                          £135.60

                              Proposed by   Cllr Spence           Seconded by  Cllr Mrs Swires


                    The Annual Internal Audit took place on 13 May 2022. The report was signed by Cllrs

David and Parish.


Receipts and Payments Account and Bank Reconciliation


          The approval of the Receipts and Payments Account and Bank Reconciliation for the

year ending 31 March 2022 was proposed by Cllr Mrs Swires, seconded by Cllr Spence. The Accounts were signed by the Chairman and Clerk.


Asset Register has been reviewed.


          Annual Return.


          a)       Exemption Certificate. 


The Certificate was completed, approval was proposed by Cllr Parish and seconded by Cllr Ellis, carried by all, and signed by the Chairman and Clerk.


The signed Certificate to be forwarded to the External Auditors.


b)       Annual Governance Statement.


The statement was completed, approval was proposed by Cllr Spence and seconded by Cllr Ellis, carried by all, and signed by the Chairman and Clerk.


          c)       Accounting Statement. 


The statement was completed, approval was proposed by Cllr Spence and

seconded by Cllr Ellis carried by all and signed by the Chairman and Clerk.



7 & 8  County and District Councillors


                              Following the reorganisation of NYCC and the District Councils,

standardisation of various services over the whole of the new authority

(Includes Council Tax and Licencing). Some other services may be passed

to Town and Parish Councils.

Cllr Hull announced the availability of his Grant allowance.  Cllr Spence

suggested that the Parish Council could ask for a grant towards the cost

of another VAS (Vehicle Activated Sign) and also ask Knabs Ridge next year.    


9        Planning Matters - Decisions

            22/00406/FUL                                                           Refused Permission

Change of use for glamping at Beckwith Cottage Farm (Ms J Olner)




Appears to have been withdrawn, but no confirmation received

Demolition then construction of single storey – swim pool and gym – at Beckfield

Grange, Shaw Lane (Mr M Cheek).     No action taken.



Variation of Condition 2 of planning application21/00469/FUL, erection of 3 bay

garage etc at Central House Farm, Penny Pot Lane (Mr P Stainsby)


          The Parish Council has no objections



Outline planning application for the erection of up to 480 dwellings. All outline matters reserved except for points of access. Land Comprising Field At Grid Reference 428025 453431 Beckwith Head Road (Homes England)


The Parish Council objects on the planning grounds set out below:-


·       This application should not be considered until the WHPP including  the Infrastructure Delivery Schedule are finalised and have been out for public consultation and adopted.

·       When adopted the WHPP (including the IDS) should become mandatory and not just an advisory document.

·       The wider implications of the additional traffic generated have been fully resolved and agreed with affected Parish Councils. The existing network is not capable to carry the current traffic loads and yet Section 7.24 of the WYG Assessment states that the overall impact of development generated traffic is low and the impact is not severe. The Parish Council believe that the impact will be severe.

·       Retain the independence of our village community, including the school, from becoming a suburb of Harrogate.

·       A detailed provision of public transport to include Beckwithshaw.

·       A commitment from the developers that  the construction of all new houses will reflect  current environ mental concerns i.e. no fossil fuel heating systems, the highest level of insulation and use of solar energy.

·       Designs will reflect the rural nature of the site.


          21/00551/PR15 – Dumping material, Moor Park

22/00149/PR15 – Possible breach of planning control, change of use of land for the

storage of non agricultural vehicles at Keepers Cottage, Beckwithshaw

                              NYCC Footpaths

HAR/2021/14/DO – Diversion of Public Footpaths at Ross Farm, Shaw Lane.




10      Local Plan             Infrastructure Delivery Plan due in October.



11      Traffic and Highways       The new banners appear to be slowing the speed of the traffic


The footpath alongside the B6162 has been partially repaired.

Two 30mph signs need reporting.

Check up on Double Yellow Lining.



12      Copse and Grass cutting           The annual review of the Copse was made at the start of

the meeting. An annual trim and tidy up has taken place. A

survey of the trees is to be made (at the same time as the

Church and Village Hall trees). A Quote of £225 (plus VAT less

33% Group discount) for an Individual Risk Assessment was

proposed by Cllr Spence, seconded by Cllr Mrs Swires and

agreed by all.

It was decided that monthly maintenance was not required.

Clerk to check with contractor about work already undertaken

and invoiced. Has all work been completed?


The “Queen’s Green Canopy” plaque to be place by Oak

sapling at Shaw Lane junction.                                                      



13      Correspondence              A letter of thanks to the landowner for the prompt action taken to

clear the debris of the fallen tree near roundabout and the repair

of the stone wall.



14      Councillors Questions    Continue to actively seek a new Parish Councillor to fill the



Cllr Ellis asked for a review of the Parish Council’s Insurance re

Damage that could be caused by falling trees.



15. Date & Time of next meeting:         At 7.30pm     Tuesday 19 July 2022

Tuesday 13 September 2022

                                                                                Tuesday 11 October 2022

                                                                                Tuesday 15 November 2022

                                                                                Tuesday 10 January 2023                                                                                             Tuesday 14 February 2023

                                                                                Tuesday 14 March 2023

                                                                                Tuesday 11 April 2023 Parish and PC

                                                                                Tuesday 9 May 2023 Annual and PC




The meeting closed at 10.12pm


Please check the website for further information – www.beckwithshaw.org








Reclaim VAT - ongoing



Broadband, continuous

Cllrs Spence and Ellis


Speed on Lady Lane, Data Loggers

Cllr David


Parish needs for Traffic Management

Cllrs Spence, Ellis and David


Contact Highways - ongoing



Extract data from Traffic sign - ongoing



Letter to NYCC re School Boundary

Cllr Spence and Mr I Galloway