MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON Tuesday 11 January 2022


Location:     Beckwithshaw Village Hall


Present:         Councillors – Cllr D Spence, Cllr A Ellis, Cllr M David, Cllr Ms J Parish, and Cllr Mrs S


Parish Clerk – Mrs J H Galloway.


                    2 Members of the public were present.



1.       Apologies:             Cllr Miss V Oldham.



2.       Declaration of Interest:    None.



3.       Exempt Information:       None.



4.       Minutes of the meetings held on 23 November 2021 Parish Council Meeting  


Approval of the Minutes of the above Parish Council Meetings was proposed by Cllr David, seconded by Cllr Swires and signed by the Chairman.



5.       Urgent Business:             a.       Newsletter – Content agreed and to be distributed as soon

as possible.


                                                  b.       Defibrillator – A demonstration on how to use a

defibrillator has been arranged for Tuesday 25

February in the Village Hall.


                                                  c.       Emergency Plan – Update required and to be reviewed at

next meeting.


6.         Finances:   The bank balances at 11 January 2022 were reported to the Parish Council:


                    Community Account                                                            £   548.42

                    Money Manager (Deposit Account)                                      £6,435.67



                    £5,000.00 was transferred from the Community A/C to the

                                                  Money Manager A/C

                    Now being charged £8.00 per month Bank Charges.



7.       County Councillor’s Report:                None.


8.       District Councillor’s Report:                None.







9.       Planning:    



            21/04329/FUL -  The Bothy, Moor Park.                    Granted Subject to Conditions

            21/04568/PBR – Wildside Barn, Otley Road.            Granted Subject to Conditions

            21/04800/FUL – Blue Coat Farm                               Granted Subject to Conditions

            21/02916/FUL – Jackland House Farm                     Withdrawn


21/04484/TPO – Beckwithshaw County Primary School - The Parish Council does not object

to or support the application but will support the professional decision of Harrogate Borough

Council’s Arboricultural Officer on this application.

                        21/04672/FUL – Land to East of Hill Top View, Hill Top Lane – The Parish Council has no


21/04976/FUL – Beckfield Grange – The Parish Council has no objections.


21/00551/PR15 – Alleged breach of planning control, Dumping material/ creation of an access at Moor Park, Beckwithshaw. Investigation still ongoing.



10.     Local Plan   A draft Parameters Plan (Part 1) (Excluding Transport) has been circulated to

                    Community Stakeholders prior to a Stakeholders Meeting to be held on 20 January

2022 at 1.30pm.     



11.      Traffic and Highways:     The road to Beckwith is full of potholes causing flooding during

heavy rainfall.

                                                  “20 is Plenty” – NYCC are reviewing some of the zones

previously rejected for 20mph limit.

                                                  The pothole at the entrance to Moor Park has been repaired.

                                                  The “School” sign on the B6161 has been relit.

                                                  The “Roundabout” sign near the entrance to Moor Park has

                                                            yet been relit and the 30mph sign on the B6162 is yet

to be repaired.

                                                  The Norwood Lane street sign on the left hand side is missing.

                                                  Ice warning sign at Stainburn Forest corner has fallen off.



12.   Copse and Grass Cutting:           A meeting with Beckwithshaw CP School representatives has been arranged, (20 January) to discuss the fence situated between the Copse and School. The fence has been replaced and moved without the Parish Council’s permission.


                              Contact existing grass cutting contractor with a view to continuing with the existing contract.


13.  Correspondence:     


i)                 Newsletters and e-mails forwarded to councillors.




14.  Councillors Questions:       Cllr Parish asked about the possibility of obtaining a bus service

                                                            to and/or through the village.








15. Date & Time of next meeting:         Tuesday 8 February 2022 at 7.30pm and

                                                            Tuesday 8 March 2022 at 7.30pm and

                                                            Tuesday 12 April 2022 at 7.30pm and

                                                            Tuesday 10 May 2022 at 7.30pm.


The meeting closed at 9.00pm


Please check the website for further information – www.beckwithshaw.org








Reclaim VAT - ongoing



Broadband, continuous

Cllrs Spence and



Speed on Lady Lane, Data Loggers

Cllr David


Parish needs for Traffic Management

Cllrs Spence, Ellis

and David


Contact Highways - ongoing



Extract data from Traffic sign - ongoing